Bonbonzine–Magazine | Blog Theme. Multiple Authors (Blog / Magazine)

“Bonbonzine”, wordpress.org theme, was done for boutique type small magazines or just personal blog with possibility to involve multiple authors and contributors. It is simple in use, based on default WP functionality (no custom post types, no page builders and shortcodes) and comes with a number of small custom plugins written especially for this theme (more info on demo site About Page). No frameworks used. Javascript is minimal.

What it has:

  • Full-width html5 video or image for top block of Home Page
  • Picked up categories shown on Home Page
  • Page templates for home, authors, archives, contact, category specific, category single specific +
  • 3 custom plugins (widgets) which will assist to organise your content easily and with taste
  • Masonry layout for number of pages
  • Web and icon fonts
  • Readable typography
  • Suitable to browse on various screen resolutions and retina display ready (view iPhone screenshots)
  • Comes with Help file in html format with screenshots | screencasts
  • Small and nice injections like redecompressed image quality, captions, responsive embedded videos, share buttons, custom gravatar and more

Tested on:

  • WordPress 3.5 and WordPress 3.6
  • Mac: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Windows 7: IE9, Chrome
  • Windows XP: IE8, Chrome
  • Mobile | Tablet: iPhone 4S | Galaxy 10.1


  • HTML: no errors (besides a few ones caused by WP itself like “rel” attribute)
  • Theme Check: no warnings, no recommendations


Be sure to check About page of demo site and view screenshots.

Thank you for viewing!

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